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Not Quite a Manifesto

(Image by Ladyheart)

kol25826One of the greatest challenges that I’m experiencing is trying to (re)discover my ‘why’. I’m a competent image-maker — I’ve even received thanks for how I help others explore creativity and technique. I’m invested in the process of art and craft, and I have grown an appreciation for a broad diversity of expression. But what is *my* motivation to create?

Every time I try to explain this to myself, I keep facing a mental roadblock.

There are many far better photographers out there, no question about that. But there’s also a lot of hollow creativity — people who just do things to do things, and there is no discernible rationale to back them up. There is no specific audience, no purpose, no direction, no meaning.

That doesn’t do it for me. Not any longer, at least.

What I keep coming back to is the sense that my camera is a bridge — a phenomenon of human connection. And there are things about people that I’m perpetually curious about. So I’m developing a personal project to connect with and photograph people who intrigue me. I can’t promise that my stories or images will be better or even as good as those of my favourite photographers.

But they will be more mine.