On Your Team!

_mg_0606aHi, I’m Brad, and I’m a photography addict. I’ve always loved images — it’s a love that’s stuck with me through the passing of technology and time.

It’s a love I hope I can meaningfully share with you!

From my early days with my first Kodak Instamatic to the sophisticated digital gear and post-processing tools available today, the craft of image-making has been a constant in my life.

I’m grateful for every client and collaborator I’ve had, and the support and enthusiasm of people in my life.

Where you’re looking to freshen your modelling portfolio, record memories with your family, or even┬ádocument your wedding, I’d be honoured to chat with you!

Photography has been a vehicle through which I’ve encountered just a small portion of the mind-boggling diversity of our world, and met an incredible number of fascinating people.

When you hire Kiss of Light, you get years of photographic experience tailored to meet your specific requirements.