On Your Team!

_mg_0606aHi, I’m Brad, and I’m a photography addict. I’ve always loved images — it’s a love that’s stuck with me through the passing of technology and time.

It’s a love I hope I can meaningfully share with you!

I had my first camera, a Kodak Instamatic, way back when I didn’t need all of my fingers to count my age (thanks Mom and Dad!). I really got into it a few years back before digital could be taken seriously. I remember thinking film was going to be my thing forever. But (of course) I eventually made the jump to digital.

And (of course) I’ve never looked back.

My favourite kind of images are the ones that communicate.

I happen to think people communicate better than anything else.

That’s why I’ve gravitated to shooting portraits. I believe it’s a photographer’s job to direct and narrow the communication potential to intentional messages. This involves the ability to:

  • plan images
  • to make people feel comfortable in front of the camera and
  • to eliminate distractions.


I am grateful for all the people who have joined in every photographic endeavour I’ve had. A lot of people will never know the inspiration and encouragement they’ve been to me.

And I can only hope I can be that to others.